Exchange 2010 Delivery Report Failures

In this post I will discuss how to resolve an error that may occur when attempting to use delivery reports in Exchange 2010 SP1. In my specific configuration I was working with a customer to migrate them from a separate Exchange 2007 forest and a SendMail server to Exchange 2010. Due to the complexities of their mail routing it was required to set the default accepted domain as an internal relay during the co-existence period until all mailboxes were migrated. I was able to reproduce this error in my lab environment as well and therefore I’m now documenting this for others to hopefully benefit.

When the Default Accepted Domain is not Authoritative you will be presented with the following error:

Server <serverName> in domain <domain> encountered an error reading an Active Directory object or attribute. Diagnostic information for this error: msExchangeAcceptedDomain object not found in Organization <orgName>

This error would initially lead you to believe there is some sort of permissions error however that is not the case. It is actually looking for an Authoritative Domain stored within the Accepted Domains (Unfortunately for me at the time I didn’t know this).

In the back of my mind I always had a feeling that having no Authoritative domain was not a good idea so I figured I’d try adding one. However I had to make sure that this new domain was not present an any of my email address policies so that no user objects would be stamped with the bogus address. So I verified that the domain did not show up in the email address policy and it wasn’t automatically added.

After adding a temporary domain to be a placeholder Authoritative domain I attempted to run my delivery report again. This time I was presented with a new error which indeed did make more sense to me.

Server <serverName> in domain <domainName> encountered an error reading an Active Directory object or attribute. Diagnostic information for this error: DefaultDomain not found in Organization <OrgName>

Since the default domain was still set to my Internal Relay domain I still could not search for any delivery reports. Obviously the next step was for me was to make the placeholder Authoritative Domain the default. You can do this by either right clicking on the placeholder domain and choosing “Set as Default” or you can use the Exchange Management Shell to run this command: Set-AcceptedDomain <placeholderDomain> -MakeDefault:$True

Now that you have completed all the necessary requirements you can now perform a Delivery Report.


12 comments so far

  1. Danny on

    Hey, maybe a silly question, but is there no workaround for this?
    We have an Internal Relay domain which needs to be the default for a while.. so this means in the meantime we cannot search/track messages?


    • Becan on

      Unfortunately I don’t believe there is another work around for this. I’ll play around with it in my lab but my guess is that it is what it is and there isn’t much of another workaround for this.

    • Brian Reid on

      Thanks very much for the info.

      ipx101 – why does your internal relay domain need to be the default. The only other reason for setting a default is for address encapsulation, and this requires a default accepted domain anyway.


  2. Dan on

    Very, very useful! Thanks! I’m going through an Exchange mig and had this issue. Just out of curiosity… how did you manage to discover this workaround? đŸ™‚

    • Becan on

      Really I think it was just plain luck and maybe a little bit of logical deduction. When it started happing I was kind of lost and I think I turned to the eventviewer and logs to see what was going on and one thing led to another. I’m glad the article was helpful for you.

  3. Jack Greene on

    You nailed it! More helpful than Technet. I was thinking my discovery was broken.

  4. Kris on

    Thanks my friend, this was breaking my head.

  5. Ron on

    great write up you should post more often!

  6. Lee on

    For anyone else that reads down this far…. I received the no default domain error when searching in message tracking. I went to the accepted domains area and selected a different domain and made it the default, refreshed the screen and changed the default back to what it was supposed to be. No longer received the error.

  7. Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you
    writing this post and the rest of the website is also
    really good.

  8. Olivier on

    Nice ! Perfectly works !

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